Why Edumi?

You met in class, at parties, during lunch, in the middle of the street or at your neighbours’ house. There is not one defined way to make friends as a student, it just happens.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, meeting each other by chance has become harder than ever. Thereby, Edumi wants to provide a safe place for you to meet the university peers you’re looking to meet, even if you don’t know it yet! 

Edumi connects you with other students so you can build new friendships and discuss anything; from the latest Netflix show to your favourite meal.

The only rule is that you should be a student of Tilburg University to register in our system that will pair you with the peer you’re looking to meet!

How does it work?



It is as simple as it looks. Fill in the form on our website composed of simple questions about yourself. The form is designed to enable our system to pair you with the person you’re looking to meet! 



                  Get paired

Fantastic, you got paired! You will receive an email from [email protected]

which provides you with the email of your buddy and icebreakers to get the conversation started!


      Build a new friendship                         & repeat

We support you to get started and make your paths cross, then it’s up to you to stay in touch and build a real friendship out of it! 

Once you have been paired, you can start the process again to get to know a new student!

Register now

Get in touch!

Do you have feedback to share with us or suggestions how we could improve the Edumi experience? We’re always happy to hear from you! Get in touch with us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you within three working days. 

Please follow us on social media for more updates and behind the scenes information.