Help Wanted!

We are currently looking for a Developer. See the descriptions below for more details!

Are you our new developer?

We are developing our product further. In this perspective, we are growing our technical team to improve our website, matching systems and technical infrastructure. 

Do you have technical chops and want to work at an exciting student-powered startup, then this is the opportunity for you. We are open to any and all tech-stack ideas, but it would be ideal if you know any of the following:

  • Technical WordPress knowledge (including familiarity with the WP plug-in infrastructure and front-end UI like HTML and CSS)
  • PHP (with a focus on use in a WordPress context)
  • Python (with a preference on knowledge in data analysis frameworks like Pandas)
  • Linux/Unix (and associated webhosting software like NGINX, Cyberpanel, Docker)

However, if you have any IT-related knowledge and have an idea how you can contribute to Edumi, get in touch! Our technical infrastructure is in constant development. Hence, we always have an open door for new ideas.

Please note that, although this could evolve, we are currently a student-ran non-profit organisation with the goals of supporting students in creating new connections. This means that the work is voluntary and schedule is flexible, depending on your availability. 

Interested? Send your CV and a few introduction words at [email protected] so we can schedule a call to get to know each other!

Open Application

In case you want to talk to us about helping Edumi achieve its mission of connecting students, but don’t feel like you fit the above position(s)? Please reach out and we’d love to get in touch! You can contact us at [email protected]  and we can see what possibilities are available.